our all-terrain, mobile veterinary hospital

Our vehicle is unique.

It is the world's only all-terrain, entirely self-sufficient, mobile veterinary hospital, capable of running outreach campaigns, training courses and mobile clinics. It has comprehensive expedition capability and can provide veterinary resources in places where no-one else can get to and where they are most desperately needed.

Our incredible mobile veterinary hospital truck was designed and built in the UK and shipped to India under support from the Animal Welfare Board of India.

The truck set off across India in September 2013, hosting monthly training courses in collaboration with local Indian animal welfare organisations, municipal governments, Indian Veterinary Colleges and teams of international veterinary volunteers. These training courses teach vets and animal handlers the essential skills to sustainably and humanely manage street dog populations through surgical Animal Birth Control (ABC), and to continue the programme of rabies vaccination; targeting 2 million dogs across India over the next 3 years.

As well as providing vital support for the veterinary teams, the truck also acts as a flagship for the campaign, generating support and interest from the local community and spreading important educational messages about rabies prevention.