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Mission Rabies would not exist without the dedication and help of our global supporters. There are also lots of ways for individuals to get involved with us.

Volunteer on the Mission!

We need vets, vet nurses, vet students and non vets to join us throughout the year to deliver more live-saving vaccines.




Support Mission Rabies

Join our global mission and become a Mission Rabies Supporter for just £3 per month. For this you get a monthly e-newsletter, a stunning photo of your choice from the gallery and you'll be supporting the vaccination of 35 dogs a year! 

By becoming a member you will become fully involved in a charity where every penny goes to fight rabies around the world. You will be joining our Mission Rabies family and for that we are eternally grateful. 

Mission Rabies Supporter £30.00 annual or £3 a month.

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Philanthropic assistance will help us to achieve our aim of the elimination of rabies by 2030.

We will help tailor your gift to enable you to make the most out of your support; whether you want a lot of involvement, such as visiting one of our overseas centres, or simply want to donate and receive updates

For further information on philanthropy please get in touch with Fred


Mission Rabies will guarantee that your compassion lives on in the work we do to beat a disease that simply should not exist. You will be helping us to save the lives of tens of thousands of children and dogs. Legacies help to secure the long-term future of Mission Rabies’ work and any donation; large or small, will help us tackle and eliminate rabies forever. 

For an informal chat or help through the process of making a will please speak to Fred


Donating shares can not only be a great help to us, but it can also be a very tax-effective way for you to give.

There are 3 ways in which you can donate your shares to Mission Rabies:

  • Sell the shares yourself and donate the proceeds to the charity
  • Use the services offered through CAF to donate shares to us
  • Donate your shares to ShareGift, a charity that specialises in accepting small donations of shares which aren’t worth selling on their own.


However you decide to donate your shares, you can be sure that your support is going where it is needed most.

Please note, Mission Rabies does not give financial advice and we recommend that you contact your personal adviser or local tax office if you have any queries.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Carly on

By joining our groundbreaking and historical movement to eliminate rabies, we will ensure your company is provided with an unrivalled benefits package, together with a unique platform to engage employees, customers and clients. There are a huge number of ways your business could partner with Mission Rabies:

Mission Rabies Corporate Membership

We look after all our Corporate Members very carefully and nurture them fully so they can utilise every opportunity available. Whether its high profile international media, to further develop CSR programmes or employee engagement, Mission Rabies can help you achieve all these in an innovative and impactful way. There are very few real opportunities to make a difference and shape our world forever; this is one of them.

Just get in touch with Fred to discuss your involvement.

Charity of the Year

‘Charity of the Year’ partnerships are a great way to engage your employees and show them you are at the forefront of social responsibility practice. One of your team could join our mission at one of our international centres and get first-hand experience of what we do; something that would create a lasting impression for the rest of their lives and motivate your teams throughout the year.

We can talk you through the opportunities

Give as you Earn

Give As You Earn (Payroll Giving) means your employees can directly help our cause by donating, tax free to Mission Rabies through their pay. Give As You Earn is a great way to introduce Corporate Social Responsibility to your employees and is the most tax-efficient way to give to charity.

Contact the Mission Rabies Team  

Brand Engagement

We would love to hear from you if you think that a product you sell could benefit from an association with Mission Rabies. A donation per item sold can differentiate your product within the market place and tell the world that you care about making a difference.

Just get in touch with Fred for a brainstorm of ideas. We would love to welcome you onboard!

Pledge School Support

Children under 15 make up almost half of all rabies victims around the world - in the majority of cases, as a result of a dog bite. The ‘Lyssa’ education programme is proven to improve children’s understanding of dog welfare and rabies risk reduction, teaching them how to protect themselves from one of the world’s deadliest diseases. Join our schools ‘centres of change’ twinning programme and fundraise to provide lifesaving education to children at risk. Get in touch with to see how your organisation help us can save lives.