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100 children die from rabies every day

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In September 2013, we vaccinated 60,000 dogs in 30 days.  But that was just the beginning...

Over 99% of cases of human rabies are caused by an infected dog bite. Once symptoms of the disease develop, it is always fatal.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of healthy dogs are inhumanely killed for fear of this deadly disease. However, this doesn't halt the spread of rabies to people, and India remains the world's hotspot for the disease with over a third of all deaths reported to occur here.

Mission Rabies is going to change that.

Vaccinating dogs against rabies has been proven to stop the spread of the disease to people and saves the lives of humans and dogs.

Our ultimate aim is to eradicate rabies from the world by 2030. We launched the programme in the rabies hotspot of the world – India where a third of all deaths are reported to occur.

  • In September 2013, Mission Rabies travelled across India with the world's most high-tech, all-terrain mobile veterinary hospital and vaccinated over 60,000 dogs in 12 rabies hotspots in just 28 days.
  • We proved we could do it with startling mass vaccination statistics; joined by vets and volunteers from across the globe, all wanting to be part of this incredible mission.

But that was just the beginning.

  • We have now set up permanent vaccination teams in India and embarked on running intensive population control programmes in some of the toughest areas of the country
  • In 2014 the truck will continue to travel around India, running surgical training courses and teaching vets the skills required to run neutering and vaccine campaigns
  • We will be back with a mass vaccination campaign every September, to coincide with World Rabies Day.
  • We are setting up the first India National Rabies Network, not only to distribute nationwide subsidised quality vaccine, but also to record where the vaccines are being administered and who is administering them.
  • We are targeting the vaccination of 2 million dogs over the next three years in the key rabies areas – our pledge is to ensure sustainability in our endeavour to make a long term difference.

We started our work in India, but all over the world people and animals are affected by this horrific disease.

In 2014 we will be focusing our efforts on other parts of the globe affected by rabies. These include countries from Africa to Asia; we’ll get to them all, wiping out rabies and saving lives.

We’re working with charities all over the world to roll out this proven vaccination programme, creating an effective global network.

We will get to every part of the globe where rabies is still claiming lives until we rid the world of a devastating, unnecessary evil.

Mission Rabies is saving the lives of people and dogs and we need you to be a part of it. Come with us on our journey.


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